Forward into the coldness

into his everreaching dark, spiral

up the limbs of the flowers,

her metaled petals

rolling onto rosebuds, leaves

like waken gauze, the zombies dangle holding hands

human twine into the breach.

walk into the sky with me.

wander with the clouds, dance about

in the curtains, twist your feet and body

into a seismic vibration against the bathtub wall

curl yourself in the soap for comfort

put your head under the faucet,

move toes.

as sandy water becomes the trickling pebbles, entrenching themselves

under the fingernails of the tattooed bicyclist, turkey feathered arms

and skull linens for a smile, walking


Is this not how lovers move?

step by step, while holding the others’ eyes

shedding suits or dresses like snakeskins

they are coiled, slithering, and alive.


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