Fascinating stuff. This details some of the struggles and failures of ‘the west’ at large. Some due to goodwill coupled with naivete, others with malicious intent to dominate. The legacy of colonialism is a deep and painful one, and will continue to dictate the human story until we gain greater capacity for empathy, and deal with these deep divides in the right way–and that is certainly not by ignoring them or teaching ‘colorblindness’ as we love doing in the USA.


40m2 deutschland

This is an essay about multiculturalism in Europe that I wrote for the latest issue of the journal Foreign Affairs, which has a series of features on ‘The Trouble with Race’.


Thirty years ago, many Europeans saw multiculturalism – the embrace of an inclusive, diverse society – as an answer to Europe’s social problems. Today, a growing number consider it to be a cause of them. That perception has led some mainstream politicians, including British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to publicly denounce multiculturalism and speak out against its dangers. It has fuelled the success of far-right parties and populist politicians across Europe, from the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands to the Front National in France. And in the most extreme cases, it has inspired obscene acts of violence, such as Anders Behring Breivik’s homicidal rampage on the Norwegian island of Utøya…

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