the future is in the pool,

staring at the skyscape, reddening the rotting, burning heads with the skin orbiting the hair

aliens, boned and milky headed are lounging between cigarette sticks like wind, weaving its way through the smoke

speaking in the tounges, jibberish most foul and rolling on the tar

tongues are burning

scents of the flesh between the porches, mushing through the blankets the walkers in the room

vibrant summer whispering in the earphone orbs, pinkish planets taking to the sky

the room hears nothing but the clicking, the violence in the air’s tremble, the sleeper

tracing the keyboard ash and gripping the hard cock

leaning into the screen, caressing with the eyes and deepening with the electronic screams

pulsing the vein at the manicured tit, washing his shame in bathtowels,

making love to the foldable robots.


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