beware the sharp love. clutch your chest with delicacy,

lightly wring your fingers around the blade of insecurity.

do not let it hold you, and do not hold her too tight.

don’t squeeze.

remember your strength,

fear yourself. Feed on shame and guilt

you are a furnace of sins, vomiting rot.

never be wrong

keep the ink from your mouth.

keep the ink from your pen

keep the ink from your skin.

keep the blackness from your skin.

you are polluting it.

keep it away from your fingertips.

do not love that girl.

do not touch the damaged people—

those fragile ones–you will become fragile too

and I cannot watch you break like that.

let me save you.

I can protect you.

I love you.

you are still my good little boy.

hold on to my wavering fingers.

lie to my face, over and over.

I cannot watch you think anymore

it hurts, did you mean it

when you said with your eyes

that I’m not enough?

never get tired.

do not grow old

like these withered veins.

[artwork by Moisés Mahiques]


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