To finally gaze in the mirror is nothing short of a miracle. Imagine what it is like without the ubiquity of reflecting objects, to never see yourself for how you look. Imagine living in a house of mirrors, unable to see your reflection—then imagine never having to care, walking and only seeing the glittering edges, the sparkle of the shining glass. The face, deep in a reflective sea of glamour, completely unaware of its own existence and the formless twisting and bends of the light. Imagine someone chained to these same mirrors, forced to notice every one of their flaws, beating and stretching their imperfect face and watching your carefree self distracted by the formless crystals, wandering the edges and begging you to see the reflection, grabbing at the dancing feet as they move by on the world’s glass surface. Imagine being caught and forced to stare with them at the broken glass, the removal of invisibility. Enjoy what you see there, in your own abyss, the world you deserve. Remember, strength is when you clutch the pain and nurture it, there in a tangle on the floor.

[Artwork by Sarah Muirhead via berlin-artparasites]

Death and Los Angeles is available now:


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