Reading at Electric Forest

Had one of the most intense poetry weekends of my life at Electric Forest. Overall it was incredibly validating to connect with people through my work, and to learn that so many people appreciate what I do and what I’m writing about. It gave me faith that people still appreciate it when you’re genuine with them. I discussed with all different kinds of people my life, my relationships, love, mistakes, and personal growth. There existed, even with those who were clearly skeptical of me at first (I showed up calling myself a ‘poetry whore’ and wearing gaudy costume jewels so I don’t blame them) a connection that I managed to create through my words. Hearing their thoughts and compliments in the aftermath, getting tips from some and even selling books to others, was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. If you were there, thanks for listening and bearing with me.

-Ian (Von Hohenheim)


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