The Poetry Brothel

Proud to be the ‘real reason for climate change’…


Dwelling beneath one of New York’s busiest and bankrolled boundary of borough, lives a staple of history and culture often ostracized to non-natives, quite simply due to the fact they are less advertised and typically harder to find. I’m speaking in regards to the borough, Manhattan, and more specifically, the lovely underground spawns of prohibition commonly referred to as ‘speakeasies’.

It was a Sunday that I found myself immersed between a performance-art collective called, The Poetry Brothel, and an eclectic group of patrons with a mix of passion for poetry, absinthe, and some stylized New York pleasure of getting inebriated in a paradoxically ostentatious, yet rather classy manner. The event was to be at a speakeasy called, The Back Room, and upon my arrival at the stated address, I had some trouble finding it. As most would do in these modern times, I looked down at the map…

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