It’s been a month today since the release of my book of poems, “Death & Los Angeles.” I want to take a moment thank everyone who bought copies online or directly from me. Your support and love really means a lot and has helped me grow as an artist and a person. Performing these pieces at theWhy Empire backyard showcase and Electric Forest (as Von Hohenheim with The Poetry Brothel) were both inspiring and magical experiences for me–hopefully just the first of many in my poetic journey. It is always truly humbling to hear that people connect with my work, and I have been constantly reminded during this month of the impact that poetry can have on people’s lives.

This being said–I already have plenty of new works brewing, and will be performing at the The 5th Annual New York City Poetry Festival on the 25th of July (again as Von Hohenheim)–so please come check out the poetry brothel then!

Some of the new poems are here already:

If you haven’t gotten a copy of “Death & Los Angeles” yet and want one, email me ( or click the link:


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