white women

there is a band of fools

jesters running around in booty shorts

this is how white people think they can act

the abject lack of concern

the missing consequences

whispers of ignorance creeping in & just

being piss-poor at everything without

having fucks to give

you sell

mediocrity hand to mouth when excellence was

stop and frisked five blocks away and

been living in a cell block

he, too creative in first grade so following no

rules you,

following them all

tech job & floral print &

sunglasses you

such a fucking waste of air

you taking up space and

complicit in

death and complicit in

the rule and complicit in

my own complicity

I can blame you all I want

but am I really doing any better

tell me

how you act when you know

your existence oppression,

when the space

around your head privilege

when the breath you inhale

stolen, like apartment

look like colonize

look like coffee cup

look like gentrify

do I look like

penance yet?

or does white boy

still look

like death to you

I do to me.



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