[Animation by Min Liu]



I. Burial of the Dead

the morning is a warbling god, / singing with the dust and wading in the styx / latch wandering eyes and wax faces, choking out preachers/ faces slammed into the walls with / broken impact and  / the daze of following around dance floors/ I have never twisted quite like this/ eyes never avoided like that/ fishing line of my hands reeled out, trying to catch the velvet of her new coat in his palms,/ the smile she used to give me O/ the soil is rich tonight, I’m pressing my face deep /and choking it all out/ coughing towards the worms because they / were the only place left for me/ I am robbed, thwarted ego throat cut on the floor and bleeding hot anger into the pillows/ months and months of vomit / she held on to / the half of me that was there / and I, in the room we used to share, packed up / and moved into another body/ (I am practiced in this)/ I press suffering into the inks, / push them over my chest and limbs–/ anything to feel like I’m becoming someone/ this time, I drained the colors from my hair/ I disguised myself / and hid my heart in a new pair of hands / I am in the cold of a coffin now, / walking Jefferson street/ being / just to spite you.







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