the lemons

love it.


Bey:  Do you like it

Jay:  Its magnificent. You’ve really out done yourself. Wh-

Bey:  Fuck you

Bey:  My fans are going to tear you apart lol

Jay: lo-

Bey:  Don’t fucking laugh

Bey:  I’m going to forgive you in my HBO music video

Bey:  Every time you cheat I’m gonna do this

Jay:  Write an album?

Bey:  Start a movement


Bey:  Speak. I’m not Beanie Siegel. We have a daughter. I’m going to love you forever. So hard. So hard omg nigga


Bey: Do you want me to wear her skin

Jay: Don’t

Bey: I could literally pay anyone to bring me her skin. That wasn’t just a poem, Shawn.

Blue: Mommy! I’m hungry!

Bey:  Coming baby!

Jay: I was gonna take us out

Bey:  Nah, we having white bitch for dinner


Bey:  My sister is coming over too.  And my mother.  And Ava Duvernay.  And…

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