Ian Axel Anderson ~ daze

Extremely excited to be featured by Danse Macabre. They were one of the first places to publish my poetry, and I am honored that they’re having me back again.

DM du Jour


we are the lingering corners
beneath the pine wood and myrrh,
the summer pictures and
scraps of discarded dreams, arms tired
from smithing the friendships as they fray
and make unnameable ends, lying still
like the flickers of grasshopper fingers over the keys
whispering against trust
we are weakening at the knees
listening to the slow drip of electrons in the afternoon quiet and
the vibrations from the air conditioner’s rusting mouth.

the twilight creeps in with her gold dust,
candle bulbs in towers, crossed by the weakening dark and purple
the low shadows, and the breath of the city in cotton
we hear the clapping of shoes and ice cream buds
strapped into waffle petals, the ringing of the evening star, loudest
in the dimness, the matchbox beds and the cat’s eye, opening
welcome mats of concrete like open graves.

the night deadens,
the hands curl and
the chest…

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