clairvoyance part 2 [on a bench in LaGuardia Airport]

months ago I saw the future / & now it is the very same August and I am walking into the Atlantic, / feeling water filling out the mouth & eyes / I will become the sea-borne creature of the prophecy, joining lone lights in the ocean’s cradle / and it will be fine / I will scrawl on the underwater desks and words will haunt the air in Brooklyn, / twisting into my shadow and walking with you on the evening trains / I, the sweat and the blood, / I, the pavement full of boot scratches and the tiles of Bowery / where we took five selfies and dropped a camera on the tracks, / I, the missing stores becoming gallery-coffee-shop-artisanal-hybrid-yoga-studios where pregnant mothers discuss their increasing pant sizes / I, am carried off by currents and tides stronger than myself now, / stronger than my safe emotions / stronger than the waves pushing me back into something called the east / because I have seen the future again / & it is still me dying slowly on a distant shore / I am frightened of this but it is November soon, and it is coming true no matter what / it is forming from the augury on the bedrock of an older continent / germinating into the steeping growth of a new studio apartment and a fresh cut blood-orange / dismembered on the clean marble counters / I can see them staining my teeth / first blue, and then red / and then I will be home.


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